I'm a superhero fan. I watch the cartoons, buy the movies, and above all remember all the catchy theme songs from when I was a kid to all the new stuff today. But I could never find a collection of those songs anywhere. Not then for me; not today for my kids. Sure, I bought a whole CD for 1 or 2 songs here and there. I just couldn't believe there wasn't a collection of Superhero songs for the collector out there. Because there's a lot of us I know. The true fans. So eight years ago I began a quest to collect these songs I've treasured. Today I have 1,566 of the best Superhero theme songs and dialogue moments to enjoy. With still more coming! My criteria is simple: any Marvel or DC comic book character who ever had a TV Show/ Cartoon/ Movie /LP/ CD /Video / or Commercial of their own that I liked. And now I have something no other person in the world has ever made, no company will ever put out...


I have so many vocal treasures, that I have included priceless dialogue pieces such as the cartoon origins of the Fantastic Four, the Silver Surfer, even the incident in Crime Alley that caused Bruce Wayne to become the Batman. And original mixes that I myself compiled like a medley of the many famous slogans & catch phrases of Superman, the Thing, the Hulk, & yes...the Wonder Twins too! I even mixed the best of Robin's "Holy...!" phrases. Plus, who could ever forget Black Manta's voice on the Super-Friends? And how could I not have "Jingle Bells, Batman Smells" sung by none other than the Joker himself!

Great Scott...just wait until you see the song list! It towers in at over 30 hours of nothing but fantastic songs and rarities of every superhero imaginable. And each single track/song in my 8.28 gigabyte collection are digitally re-mastered. Not those silly, low quality versions of songs you find on the Internet filled with cracks, hissing, muted sounds, piercing chirps, distortions, or those annoying pops. That's no idle boast either. And no hoax. All of these tracks are clean & crisp. It's a rush to hear these tunes and those powerful cartoon intros just like we remember them. I really have made those old shows sound new again.

I'm very proud of all the work and effort I put into my collection. That's why I put up this website. Interested? I invite you to look around, even hear for yourselves what I've done and the many tracks this collection has in it. There's nothing out there that comes even close!

Because of spammers I have no clickable mail link, but you can write me with comments or suggestions at the address below                   (replacing "At" with @).

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