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February 9, 2012 - This week we will start with the good news first; which leads to the better. Apparently, this site is still scrutinized for copyright violations instead of what it aspires to be; the one & only place to collect any sort of superhero themed audio material. But last week's announcement (that there are now over 7,982 all-superhero audio tracks here), blew open some doors from parties that now want to participate and be included in this one-of-kind master collection.

And that's great for us all. I have sent audio samples out to let the quality of the work speak for itself, and that opened even more opportunities. Now mind you, this means new negotiations are/will be underway, and I have to get access to these source materials to make new master recordings that must be approved for private play (in your collection). This will take a little time, as these are vintage imprints from old records and supporting time-in shows (cartoon & live) dating from the late 1960's-mid 1980's. In time, these additions will be added to the Still To Come Page where you can always view what new audio tracks are in-fact locked into this collection I am continually adding to.

Keep believing and keep up with these 'Theme News' Thursday updates for all the latest news & announcements. Always keep your favorite superhero songs/jingles alive in your memories and never let them go. Be back next week with more.


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February 16, 2012 - Welcome back to the latest 'Theme News' Thursday update. I start this week on a positive note. Revealing that some new copyright clearances have been granted to this site - with the end goal of these too being made available so that you all might collect any & all of the tracks that will be made available here at some point in the future.

One thing keeps reoccurring however. We are trying to clearly define the boundaries of these clearances. A theme song is a theme song but...when I take musical elements and dialogue elements, out of their continuous order as presented in the flow of the show, then remix them to highlight say...a hero's origin story, I have changed the copyrighted material into something that legally did not exist before even though that same cartoon episode (and all its elements) are copyrighted from start to finish. But when I entirely cut out a side-story to spotlight-focus the audio track on young Bruce Wayne witnessing the deaths of his parents and vowing to fight evil, then the copyright claim falls into a grey area. But so far, every intentional step I've taken is on the up & up with no tricks by either them or me. So respect has played a big role in every 'yes' I have been given so far. I just want you all to know that this snowball...of positive access & action...keeps rolling and gaining momentum. That translates as super-good news for all you fellow collectors out there. Just keep believing because I am most certainly making this happen one 'yes' at-a-time. And please visit again next week to keep yourself informed with all the latest from


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