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An Open Letter To All Copyright Holders & Their Representatives


The “Incredible Superhero Theme Song CDs” are a private collection that has taken me 8 years to put together. I will not and do not sell this collection but…it is my hope that one day, with your legal permission and consent, I may.


There are many fans of superhero songs and memorable dialogue files. Through this website I have been contacted by Lawyers, University Chancellors, Hospital Patients, Orchestral & Marching Band Leaders, the Head of Programming on Marvel Island (Universal Studios, Florida), Artists, Businessmen, Single Mothers, as well as people from Australia, New Zealand, England, China, Japan, Mexico, Portugal, Budapest, Brazil, Lahore, Canada, France, and many American die hard superhero theme song fans. All of them wanting to own some truly novel Americana – songs celebrating the superhero as well as themes to their favorite superhero shows, cartoons, movies, and commercials.


This letter is to be considered an invitation to open a dialogue and allow these tracks to be sold legally with everything on the up and up. There is a market for these tracks with a whole audience that have been ignored for a long time now. But their need to have and own these songs for their own are real. I myself am a part of that audience with the difference I acted. I have spent untold man hours gathering and re-mastering the collection represented on this website.


I ask you to contact me so that terms and conditions can be made and together, we may serve the needs of a worldwide fan base that sweeps through children, adults, and professionals from all walks of life.


Thank you.


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