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To All You Fans


This site was built to chronicle my efforts in establishing my collection as the one by which all others would be judged against. I have taken this effort very seriously and worked tirelessly to achieve an unbelievable anthology of restored sound quality, track after track.


I would like very much to sell this collection in the open market as I know there is in audience out there. Myself included. I want you to know I have consulted with a senior partner in an entertainment media law firm to explore my options.


The short of it is I can not. Not today. And I do not want to be sued or shut down for trying to do so. I can not even post my collection for free on the Internet as the companies who own the rights might argue that I am costing them lost royalty revenue because nobody will buy what they can get for free. Which I agree is not a valid claim because there is no where on this Earth you can go buy a superhero theme song collection. One track on a film's soundtrack CD maybe; a few novelty CDs where a Superman Song follows a meaningless Mighty Mouse Song - yes. But a dedicated collection with Thor, Spider-Man,  the Avengers, or the SuperFriends, etc.? No.  Nevertheless, the most I can offer are samples up to 6 seconds in length. And I do.


I am hoping that through my attorney, I can meet with these copyright holders and come to an arrangement that will ultimately get my collection into your hands. I do not know the results of this endeavor, but I am earnest in my desire.


In the meantime, I will be adding to this collection as new cartoons, movies, television shows, and novelty albums become available. So in that respect I will remain a source of news for all things related to the superhero audiophile.


Thank you.


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