Green Lantern GL Hal Jordan John Steward OA Oath Filmation Cartoon Network Opening Theme Song
Superman Superboy DC Comics New Adventures of Filmation WB Reeves Cartoon Movie Smallville Opening Theme Song
Superman Batman Spiderman X-Men Justice League Super Friends Teen Titans Batgirl Silver Surfer Avengers Fantastic Four are all collected on the Incredible Superhero Theme Song CDs
Flash Opening Theme Song CBS Filmation TV Television Cartoon
Spider-man Spiderman Peter Parker Fox Marvel Comics Unlimited Spidey Amazing Friends Origin Opening Superhero Theme Song
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FF Fantastic Four Herbie Saban Fox Cartoon Origin Marvel Comics Opening Superhero Theme Song is the home of the Incredible Superhero Theme Songs CDs of both Marvel and DC Comics Heroes
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Atom Filmation DC Comics Hero TV Television Cartoon Opening Theme Song
Silver Surfer Fox Cartoon Galactus Origin Norin Radd Opening Superhero Theme Song
Batman TAS Robin Animated Series WB Cartoon Bruce Wayne Dick Grayson Nightwing Batgirl Theme Song