GL Green Lantern OA Oathe Hal Jordan Jon John Steward Cartoon Network Filmation Opening Theme Song
No joke, I spent a few thousand dollars to make these CDs. I bought professional sound rendering software, digital recorders, conversion programs, NLEs, and specialized filters to name a few. Then I spend my days tweaking each file individually. Afterwards I'd burn test CDs and play them on various sound systems before fine-tuning them some more so they'd sound new - and they do (check out the samples). 
The last step was is in 2 parts: make a master, burn it with a "normalized" sound level for all tracks, then render that output once more into a final master recording. With this all done, I now am left with an awesome collection of fun, sing-along, groove-along superhero theme songs and powerful intros from all our favorite shows past & present.
Captain America Avengers Theme Namor Sub Mariner Grantray Opening Theme Song
Incredible Hulk Universal Bixby Lonely Man Fox Cartoon Movie Death of Opening Theme Song
Superman Suberboy Filmation Reeves Cartoon Theme Song
Spiderman Spider-man Spider-Woman Fox DePatie Cartoon Unlimited 1967 Opening Classic Theme Song
Ben Benji Grimm Superhero Theme Song Collection Fox Hanna Barbera Cartoon Opening Corman FF Fantastic Four
Robin New Adventures Batman TAS Filmation  Cartoon Opening Theme Song
Atom Ray Palmer Filmation DC Hero Cartoon Opening Theme Song
Wonder Woman ABC CBS Carter Opening Theme Song
X-Men Xmen Fox Cartoon Wolverine Sounds Snikt Evolution United Movie Opening Theme Song
Fantastic Four FF Fox Herbie the Robot Adventure Cartoon Opening Theme Song
Silver Surfer Fox Cartoon Origin Galactus Norin Radd Opening Theme Song
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