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A Word About The “SUPER-SAMPLES”


Disclaimer: The samples within are only meant to give an impression as to the scope of my private collection. All samples from my track listings pages are recorded as Voice Quality 32 kbs MP3 files (except for 18 which had to be recorded at 64 kbs). Their lower quality and shortened length (between 2-7 seconds each) are purposely degraded from my original Master Files so as not to violate any enforceable, current copyrights that protect these audio gems. Because they are Voice Quality rather than FM quality, some frequency ranges are altogether missing. That is not true of the Master Files I have created. But from these samples you will come to know why together, these files are named….




Enjoy them!


The “Super-Sample” Stats:

32.6 megs of audio from the over 8.28 gigs of source material

- and -

2hrs & 6minutes for you to hear cut from just under 30.5 hours contained in the collection


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Note – As I have visitors coming to my site from all over the world, I have named the sample files in plain ASCII format to accommodate the universal language read by all servers everywhere. Some do not read capitol letters and/or spaces between words, etc., so these sample filenames are generic while their data is guaranteed to be virus and spyware free as uploaded by me directly to this website’s server.


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